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Abbotsford VIC

Massey Ferguson Provides More Horsepower for Collingwood Children's Farm

Farm machinery brand Massey Ferguson is continuing its proud support of the Collingwood Children’s Farm with the loan of another new tractor. The latest model, a bigger 82hp MF4708 Global Series tractor replaces the current 68hp MF3600 Series tractor that was first offered to the community farm back in 2013 to assist with the heavy duties around the grounds and paddocks.

Collingwood Children’s Farm was established in 1979 and is a not-for-profit organization providing country experiences for city people. The farm is 5km from Melbourne’s city centre, nestled on a bend of the Yarra River.

The organisation aims to connect city people with land, animals, farm life and the community.  The 10 acre parcel of paddocks, vegetable gardens and hay sheds is surprisingly the oldest continually farmed land in Victoria.

“We are a working farm rather than a petting zoo, so we actually work the farm, so we breed sheep, we breed goats, we milk the cows daily, we breed chickens and sell eggs,” says Alex Walker – Farm Manager. 

Alex says Massey Ferguson have been fantastic and are a big part of the farms operation.  “I can go back as a kid 60 years ago and say my uncle used to put me on an old grey Fergie. It’s like the old windmill, things that are just really Australian and out there. Massey Ferguson was that for us,” says Alex. 

For their part Massey Ferguson was happy to provide the 82hp utility tractor matched to the farm’s requirement.

Massey Ferguson donated the MF4708 to the farm with the help of local dealer Small Horse Tractors located at Dandenong. Vince and the team helped get the tractor ready and delivered to the Collingwood Farm.

“It’s a great feeling delivering a tractor to a local community-run organisation, especially knowing it will help the farm run its programs,” said Vince.

 Small Horse Tractors will be the main contact for the farm and will supply all their requirements including parts and service support.

As well as educating thousands of school kids each year, the farm is open to several disability groups who help out with farm duties. They also run birthday parties, weddings and corporate events.

“We service a range of the community, with over 10,000 primary school and kindergarten children who come in throughout the year to do farm tours,” says Alex. 

Michael Partridge, General Marketing Manager for MF Tractors, said the children’s farm was a unique organisation that Massey Ferguson would like to recognise for the shared values of farming and community. “We are proud to support the Collingwood Children’s Farm. It’s such a valuable community asset that educates city kids about farming practices and is a great family day out,” says Michael.

The new tractor will add to the farm experience for the thousands of visitors that came through the gates annually.

“Massey Ferguson gave us a reliable tractor for when we want to do something, whether it’s for a kid, a family day or bringing a bride in as part of a wedding celebration or just carting stuff around, it gave us real reliability. I knew I could plan my day knowing that nothing would go wrong and that’s made a huge difference. It’s just made our planning of what we do so much easier,” says Alex.